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By: Brenda Cobb

Dr. Brenda Cobb is founder
of the Living Foods Institute
in Atlanta, Georgia and author of the books “The Living Foods Lifestyle”, “Colon Cleansing For Optimum Health”, “101
Raw and Living Food Recipes”, “Get Started Now Towards Better Health” and “The Living Foods Lifestyle Training Manual”. 404-524-4488.

          The Raw Truth
Brenda Cobb
                  June-July Issue

People are exposed to chemicals in much greater concentrations than in previous generations with over three thousand chemicals added to foods and drinking water. The current level of chemicals in the food and water supply has lowered our threshold of resistance to disease and altered the body’s metabolism, causing enzyme dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. This toxicity makes the body acidic and to restore health we must restore alkalinity. Fried foods, processed foods, and foods with chemicals, colors, additives and preservatives cause major acidity and toxicity.

Toxicity and deficiency cause all types of diseases and people are trying to fix their problems by taking drugs.  Drugs create more toxicity and acidity in the body which creates more health problems. Drugs treat symptoms; they never “heal” anything.  True healing comes from detoxifying and nourishing the body.

Detoxification is a way to clear potential acute and chronic disease and to heal many early or later stage conditions. The future of health care must have at its very core the requirement of detoxification. The best way to detox is by eating fresh, organic raw fruits and vegetables and living (sprouted) foods. These special foods provide clean burning fuel, and detoxify the body simultaneously. 

Are you eating real food or fake food?  Food that is processed and filled with preservatives, chemicals, additives and dyes is not real food.  Fresh organic raw fruits and vegetables and sprouted living foods are real and really nutritious. Organic food is the only food that is grown without chemicals and not sprayed with chemicals. This is so important because chemical toxicity is a leading cause of disease.

Heating food to over 105 degrees destroys the enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are intended to nourish the body. Every time you eat cooked food you are filling your body with denatured, dead food.  This produces disease and ultimately death of the cells, organs, tissues and glands.  

When I was diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer in 1999 the doctors wanted me to do surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but I refused. Instead I turned to the Living Foods Lifestyle and in less than six months I was completely cancer free and never had any symptoms of allergies, migraine headaches, arthritis, depression, chronic fatigue, eczema, acid reflux, indigestion, hot flashes or heartburn again. My doctor was amazed and all this came from eating real organic raw and living food!

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to prepare quick, easy complete salads or smoothies. If you’ve put on extra pounds eating fried foods, milk, cheese, eggs, fatty meats, bread, pasta, candy, cookies, and cakes, you can easily take off those extra pounds by eating organic raw and living foods. You can accomplish several things at once.  Think of it as “multi-tasking health”. You can detoxify, lose weight, gain more energy, heal disease, clear up your skin, add luster to your hair, grow stronger nails and energize yourself. 

Here’s a recipe that can be eaten as a salad or blended in the Vita-Mix to a nutritious smoothie. Either way, you’ll get plenty of real nutrition and all the benefits that go with it!


Raw Salad or Smoothie


1 cup romaine lettuce

1 cup spinach

½ cup red bell pepper

½ cup yellow squash

½ cup tomato

½ cup celery

½ cup cucumber

½ cup cauliflower

½ cup broccoli

juice of one fresh lemon

½ avocado

1 clove chopped fresh garlic

½ cup filtered water

2 tsp. powdered kelp

Chop all the vegetables and put in a bowl.

Combine the last 5 ingredients in the Vita-Mix and blend.

Toss the vegetables with the dressing and enjoy the feast!

Or put everything in the Vita-Mix

Add an extra cup or two of water and blend into a delicious and satisfying smoothie.  This is a great way to eat on the go!



Resources: Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg

Hippocrates Diet by Dr. Ann Wigmore

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